Hi, I'm Keith Woods

Welcome to 'Tales From The Woods' Roots Music Magazine and networking social group

Tales From The Woods is the only UK magazine dedicated to all forms of roots music, including Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Country, Cajun & Zydeco and no doubt a little Folk & Skiffle stirred in to the mix.

Sometimes you will find Theatre & Cinema represented along with the humour and occasionally the politics of the contributors and myself which all go to make up the 'off the wall' quirky nature that is Tales From The Woods. Tales From The Woods differs from other publications that it is an open house for all contributors.


 I came into Rock 'n' Roll mainly by witnessing Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran at the Finsbury Park Empire when I was just 14 years old. Within a few years my life long love affair with the Blues began, through the sounds of soul from the mid to late sixties, taking in (en route) country (although very much of the traditional variety), Cajun, Zydeco etc.


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