Within the last few days we have learnt of the death of long-time friend to myself and many of you inside the 'Tales From The Woods' circle, Ronnie Hills. Ronnie, as she was known to most of us, passed away after a short but very painful illness. Ronnie of course was a faithful and life-long Jerry Lee Lewis fan. Just a few nights ago Ronnie travelled to Copenhagen to see her hero in action despite the effects of her illness causing her considerable pain.


Ronnie was instrumental in me putting the Skiffle 50th Anniversary Show together at the Water Rats back on January 28; with the lady’s long association with British Rock'n'Roll heritage allowing me easy access to artists she counted as life-long friends.


Ronnie attended both planning meetings for the highly successful skiffle show, the first at the Water Rats on a bitterly cold January afternoon which ended in noisy disaster and the other a far more civilised affair at the King & Queen a couple of weeks later. Ronnie loved the skiffle gig, bringing back so many wonderful memories for her of the days of the 2Is in Old Compton Street, Soho, chatting to and being amongst so many old friends.




Pictures courtesy of Rick Hardy


Pictures of Ronnie at the 2Is and Shepherd’s Bush Odeon with the likes of Tony Harvey, Vince Taylor, Ian Samwell, Pete Walton and, of course, Rick ‘photo album’ Hardy


Sadly I would not see Ronnie again although I would speak to her on the phone several times. With each call it would become obvious that Ronnie had an ever-increasing battle with her sudden tragic illness.


I am going to miss Ronnie, miss not seeing her cheery face at gigs, miss greeting with a kiss on the cheek, miss our natters over the phone, but miss her most of all because she was a lovely lady.